Poppy Inkwell writes a lot of different things.

Stories. (Alana Oakley: Mystery and Mayhem and Alana Oakley: Torment and Trickery).
Song lyrics.
Rambling rants.
But not Christmas cards ... or not very often.

When she’s not at her desk writing, you will find her ferreting in car boot sales, experimenting with food gastronomy, or playing with her camera.

Born in the Philippines, she now lives by the beach in Australia with one husband, two children and four pets (May They Rest In Peace).

She has sky-dived once.

Poppy Inkwell’s books can be purchased from Big Sky Publishing.

For media enquiries contact Sharon@bigskypublishing.com.au

Or to book school visits/workshops contact yoohoo@poppyinkwell.com

Lots of authors cite their favourite books and authors as their biggest influences, and that’s true for me too... to an extent. But I was also a HUGE fan of television and over the years the following TV shows inevitably exerted their influence on my impressionable mind.

Batman and Robin
Don’t you just love a decent over-choreographed fight scene with comic-book exclamations like Whack! Biff! Crash! And my favourite, Zowie! With everyone sporting tight lycra, what’s not to like (and laugh at)?

Get Smart
So bad... it’s good. Good idea 99.

The fight scenes and low-budget special effects in ‘Monkey’ always had me enthralled. And how about that dubbing?

Here are a couple of newspaper articles that have provided great sources of inspiration for the series and some really crazy ones I’m keeping on file for the future.

Bird droppings
Bird droppings? That has Ling-Ling written all over it!

Shark from Sky
A live shark falls from the sky??? I haven’t used this yet but the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Giant Mango
SPOILER ALERT: The theft of a giant mango was too good not to use! Look out for this one soon...

Confused tourist
SPOILER ALERT: The image of these poor, confused tourists driving faster... and faster... Watch out for this one soon, too.